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I’m hoping to retain length with my Havana twist by keeping them moisturized. On the far right I have some basic “braid/sheen spray” I mixed this spray with sesame seed oil to combat the dryness of my hair. The other 2 bottles are old bottles I knew I’d need for hair concoctions lol. The one in the middle contains about 1/4 of yes to carrots conditioner (the rest is water). I spray this on my scalp and massage it throughly in hopes of keeping my scalp somewhat clean. And the bottle on the left is currently empty but will be refilled with (a few drops of) tea tree oil, lavender oil, sesame oil, grapeseed oil and Moroccan oil. I have the driest scalp known to man and I spray this, religiously, on my scalp to keep it from being AS dry. I’m hoping to keep my twists in for awhile so I’ll report on how this helped once I take them out. :)

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